"Proteus" and "Triton" 


"The reason I paint is because I like to create things you can't see in real life. "Proteus" and "Triton" came from a water-filled dream and progressed from a single image into a merging of impressionism and expressionism. They conjure thoughts of Neptune, so they are named after two of the planet's moons. Proteus is the Greek god of elusive sea change, while Triton is the messenger of the sea. These two pieces can stand alone, but work together much like one would imagine the gods governing the turbulent waters.

While living in Michigan, I was able to experience the power and awe of the Great Lakes. Someone recently said, "The Great Lakes are in our DNA." The inviting beaches of Lake Michigan and the ominous power of Lake Superior have inspired me as an artist. Their influence is rarely straightforward. Instead, I take a strand of my natural memory and allow it to grow on the canvas into a mix of images and emotions that transcend its original form."